10 Common Mistakes that Employers make – Part one.

  1. Only rewarding results

The effort is often just as important. When rewarding the main employee of their success, don’t forget to acknowledge those behind the scenes. Big projects require a team, it’s easy for employees to lose motivation along the way when their hard work is not appreciated.


  1. Not leading by example

A non-motivated leader cannot motivate others. If you’re a leader trying to motivate your team but you are not motivated yourself, your team will find your motivation dishonest and take your words less seriously.


  1. Not taking a genuine interest in your employees.

It’s important to be interested in your employee’s future career and act as a mentor or coach that helps them achieve their goals. When an employee feels that they are appreciated and cared about by their leader, they will take your opinion more sincerely and strive to work harder towards their goals.


  1. Not listening

It’s a misconception that leaders should always be the one who does the talking. As an employer, it is essential for you to understand your employees and listen to their problems, concerns and frustrations. If you all you do is talk and not listen, then your team will feel like their opinions are not taken seriously, and as a result, feel unappreciated and unmotivated.


  1. Taking credit for your employee’s work

As a leader, your team’s work is often a reflection of your leadership and training. However, taking credit for someone else’s work will not only demotivate them but also make them distrust you in future projects. Everyone should receive the right amount of recognition and credit for the work they produce. If you employee receives good recognition for their work, it will automatically be seen as a reflection of your leadership, so there is no need for you to take the credit.



Are you an employee looking for advice? 

Check out this post from ‘Our Employee Rights’ on the 6 common mistakes that employees make!!


4 thoughts on “10 Common Mistakes that Employers make – Part one.

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  2. Actually I am running a campaign called ‘Don’t Dis their Ability’ which aims to spread a positive attitude to the employers and offer the people with disability a fair treatment in Australia. I have read an article which said that six women who worked for the company Wal-Mart alleged they were unfairly overlooked for pay rises and promotion in favour of less experienced male colleagues.


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